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About Me

The Earth has 510 million square kilometers of area to explore.  

One third is land, two thirds water.


do you want to go?

As an avid traveler I enjoy collecting information about places I have either visited or may want to visit.  I have put these into an online 510Million Travel Map which I use as a database of travel information for hotels, restaurants and other points of interest. I use this map when planning trips and it has proven to be a valuable resource during trips, as I look for good proven places to eat or unique points of interest that shouldn't be missed along the way.  I also wanted to make this information available to others, as I get many requests from people asking about where to start when planning a trip.  This map has grown to include over 10,000 locations, many of which I have either visited or been recommended in travel research or recommended from other experienced travelers.

This website and 510Million Travel Map is intended to be a resource which highlights a collection of ideas and experiences you might have interest to include in your next journey.  As you determine where you want to go, this website will provide you with a collection of proven and highly recommended points of interest, in addition to many unique and off-the-beaten-path gems.  For many locations I have included a detailed itinerary-builder that summarizes top Hotels, Restaurants and Points of Interest for a region or area of the world.  The 510Million Travel Map will list more locations,  but the individualized 510Million Travel Itineraries will help you organize the specifics of your trip, by bringing together the very best of the best recommendations on a region or area of the world.  And I am alway interested in your recommendations, please send them along!!

Next Steps: decide on where you want to go, start gathering details about the area and then build an personalized itinerary for the trip, then...

Get Traveling™.

Sign post on the way up to Jaunpass, Switzerland.

Sometimes travel can be a bit overwhelming with the vast amounts of information readily at our finger tips, but with a little planning and sources of reliable recommendations you can put together a great itinerary and a memorable journey. 

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