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Austria: Braunua am Inn

Not a tourist destination, but a memorial and reminder to all. In this small Austrian city sits a granite stone, placed in front of the residence where Adolph Hitler was born. The granite stone, commemorating the victims of World War II, is from the quarry at the Mauthausen concentration camp. It states, Für Frieden, Freiheit und Demokratie. Nie wieder Faschismus. Millionen Tote mahnen ("For peace, freedom and democracy; never again fascism: millions of dead remind us"). One of the benefits of travel is how it helps us gain greater appreciation and reality for history, and hopefully instills in each of us a desire to be better.

Memorial stone marker in front of the building where Adolph Hilter was born, 1889

Backside of memorial stone marker

Braunua am Inn, a look down Stadtplatz and Stadttorturm (tower), towards the River Inn

From history lessons I recalled from school, this visit to Braunua am Inn was interesting, though a bit awkward feeling, but very glad I made the journey. Remember...

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