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Austria: Hallein Salt Mine Tour

The beautiful Berchtesgaden Alps

Salzburg literally means “Salt Castle” and deep beneath the Berchtesgaden Alps lies a number of salt mines. This “white gold” built Salzburg into the beautiful city we know today.

These salt mines were also used during WWII by the Nazis to store 30,000 pieces of artwork that the Germans had planned to blow up if Allied forces occupied the country later in the war. This story is told in the Hollywood film “The Monuments Men”. Without giving away the plot, the tunnels remain today and tours take visitors deep underground on a very small train/trolley, with just a foot or so head clearance when inside the tunnels.

It is a unique experience, as the train/trolley transports you across the Austria/Germany boarder underground!

Once safely back above ground you are greeted by another classic German phase, which some might think a term used in “road rage” incidences, but is actually a common term used by miners to wish others “good luck”. Definitely a fun and unique experience!!

Final view of the Austrian countryside.

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