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Germany: Moselle & Rhine Rivers, Part 1

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Most travelers are familiar with the Rhine river in Germany however, fewer are aware of the sights and points of interest along the Moselle river. The Moselle and Rhine rivers meet at a confluence point called Deutsches Eck in Koblenz, Germany. A statue of William the Great watches over the spot and is a symbol of the reunification of modern Germany.

Moselle River

The Moselle river originates in France, over 400 km (240 miles) from Koblenz. A particularly noteworthy stretch of the Moselle is from Trier to Koblenz.

Trier is an ancient Roman city with many ruins and points of interest. Some include: the Porta Nigra gate, the Roman baths of Kaizerthermen and Barbarathermen, the amphitheater and a Roman stone bridge. There are also a number of churches dating back to the gothic period. Trier is definitely worth a visit.

Traveling from Trier towards Koblenz, there are two significant castles. Reichsburg Castle at Cochem and Burg Eltz. Both are worth visiting, but for sure don't miss Burg Eltz.

Large stone castle sitting atop a beautiful green hill of solid rock
Burg Eltz Castle in May

Burg Eltz is one of the best preserved castles in Germany. Originating back over 850 years, the castle has survived mostly intact and it an authentic look at castle life during the middle ages. Tours of Burg Eltz are available however the castle closes for the winter months but reopens in spring for visitors.

The small Burg Eltz Chapel, not far from the castle

The slow winding road along the Moselle is a great relaxing drive. It could have been the time of year (mid-March), but the roads were not crowded and were easy to navigate.

Reichsburg Castle in Cochem sits atop a mighty hill just above the Moselle River. This castle has history dating back over 1000 years ago. Originally destroyed by fire and war, the castle was rebuilt in 1868. Tours are available. Most tours are in German however, they offer a translated written paper to help following along if you need other languages. English tours are available but at limited times of the day.

Reichsburg Castle in March

View from atop Reichsburg Castle, the grand dining room, and the castle gate.

Beautiful villages along the Moselle

Imagine how this would look in May/June, with the vineyards all in green. I would highly recommend going later in the year.

Another turn, another beautiful village



Hotels: Hotel Reis (Treis-Karden), Hotel Erica (Treis-Karden), Haus Grunewald (Zell), Burg Arrus (Alf), Burgblick Hotel (Bernkastel-Kues), Lifestyle Resort Zum Kurfürsten (Bernkastel-Kues), Märchenhotel (Bernkastel-Kues).

Restaurants: Restaurant Zum Eichamt (Zell), Moselstuben (Zell), Restaurant Bürgerstube (Zell), Leckerbissen Restaurant Graacher Tor (Bernkastel-Kues), Cafe Thiesen (Bernkastel-Kues), Restaurant Ochs (Bernkastel-Kues), Taj Mahal Restaurant (Bernkastel-Kues), Pizzeria Italia Badstube (Bernkastel-Kues), Weingut Otto Knaup (Treis-Karden), Schloss-Hotel Petry (Treis-Karden), Da Giovanni Pizzeria (Klotten).

Must See Places: Burg Eltz (Wierschem), Reichsburg Castle (Cochem), Moselle lookout points of Aussichtsturm Prinzenkopf or Moselschleife Bremm Aussichtspunkt, the villages of Treis-Karden, Bernkastel-Kues, and Hatzenport.

Wineries and Vineyards: Weingut Richard Böcking, Winemaker J. Koll & Cie, Weingut Eduard Kroth, Weingut Dr. Loosen, Weinstube Kesselstatt, Walter J. Oster, Felsenkeller zu Cochem, Boos von Waldeckhof, Karlheinz Weis and Heinrich Busch.

Extended Day-Trips: I definately recommend an extended visit to Trier, Germany. There is so much history to see and experience in this area.

Refer to the Travel Map for more to see and experience in this area of Germany.

I included on the map above the Nürburgring race track, which includes the historic Nordschleife and Grand Prix tracks. It is an iconic stop for those who love German sports cars. There are days when the public are allowed to test their driving skills on the official race track. A map of the Nürburgring track can be found by clicking here. I have a visit to the Nürburgring on my bucket list, including racing laps on the Nordschleife and me behind the wheel of a new European Delivery BMW M4.

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