Switzerland: Furka Pass

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

FURKA PASS (2436 m)

Furka Pass, the 3rd alpine pass of the "Big 5". At the small town of Gletsch there is a turn off for Furka Pass heading east on Route 19 towards Hospental. As you can see from the photo below, the switchbacks are stunning. Also at this turnoff, just past the Grand Hotel Glacier du Rhône, you will see the small Anglican Chapel of Gletsch.

Anglican Chapel of Gletsch

Grand Hotel Glacier du Rhône

There is then a series of switchbacks up to a magnificent view of the old Belvedere Hotel, which is now the bus stop and at the base of the Rhône Gletscher.

The Rhône Gletcher

There is a rest area for lunch and if you want you can pay the fee you can access the hiking trail over to the Rhône Gletcher.

The Sidelenbach Falls

It is a common site to cows relaxing or eating the green grasses of the high alpine slopes. It is one of the things that gives Swiss cheese its unique flavors.

The small town of Realp from above

Trains are a common and efficient mode of travel, even in the high alpine passes

Yet another one of the "Big 5" mountain passes conquered!!




Hotel Post (Realp), Hotel Tiefenbach (Realp), Grand Hotel Glacier du Rhône (Gletsch)

The Hotel Post, Grand Hotel Glacier du Rhône and Hotel Tiefenbach

Links to more information about the "Big 5" Alpine Passes: Susten Pass Grimsel Pass Furka Pass St Gotthard Pass

Nufenen Pass

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