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The Caribbean: St Maarten

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

St Maarten is a unique Caribbean island. Half the island is part of an oversees collectivity of the The Netherlands and speaks Dutch, the other half has ties to France and speaks French.

As part of a Royal Caribbean excursion we went to Maho Beach (Airport Beach) for the day. I had seen some videos and photos of the area and thought this would be great place to spend our day. When we first got there the beach was small and crowded and we wondered whether the visit was going to be that great.


Wow. The feeling of having jets fly directly over you as you stand on the beach is an unforgettable experience. At the end of the video I said, "that's why we came!" and truly it was worth every hour we spent.

The beach is small and has a steep incline, which makes it fun to be out in the water as the waves toss everyone around as you anticipate the next arrival. A schedule of the arrivals for the day are posted at the Sunset Bar & Grill to give you an idea of what planes will be coming in to land throughout the day.

The day's Flight Schedule

Our bus driver was great also, maneuvering through very narrow streets and tight turns. If you look closely however, you see that the seat has no belt latch for the seat buckle but he creatively chose to sit on the belt to compensate.  Classic.

Truly "The Friendly Island"

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